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Dongguan Diaojiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and promotion of new laser carving equipment and intelligent electronic products. The company has a wealth of industry experience, into today's advanced technology, in the new laser engraving equipment and technology applications have made proud achievements, has a strong influence in this field.

With the development of the company, there are a number of independent brands, a number of series of products (micro laser engraving machine, small laser engraving machine, small CNC engraving machine, laser marking machine) mass production, a number of product series have obtained the EU CE certification.

Carving machine will be the leading intelligent equipment of carving machine in China
Manufacturers and innovators

Digital DAJA


Since its establishment in 2013, Daja business has spread to more than 30 countries and regions around the world

Development history

Pioneer of domestic small laser engraving machine
Set up small and micro laser engraving machine
research and development studio


Micro engraving machine develops overseas offline agent
From K1 to K3, open the door of micro engraving machine


Vigorously develop international business
Vigorously develop international business


Comprehensive research and development of several machines
The first touch screen engraving machine was born,
marching towards intelligent technology


Enter tmall platform
Domestic and foreign, online and offline
integrated sales network


New release of small optical fiber marking machine
Professional metal carving, industrial level engraving machine


Sales in the forefront of the industry
Diao's sales volume of domestic
online platform exceeds 30000+


Hand in hand and look forward to the future
DAJA team continues to develop better and faster
engraving machine

corporate culture

Become a more healthy and long-term enterprise


Committed to become a technology company to continuously promote human progress

sense of worth

Only by persisting in "inspiring the utmost ambition, seeking truth from sincerity, enjoying modesty and learning", and constantly updating ourselves, can we get higher and higher

Social contribution
Bring a new perspective to the world

Carving will continue to accumulate and create carving machine industry in 2013, bringing epoch-making carving machine system and carving solutions; The laser engraving machine and professional optical fiber engraving machine for mass consumers constantly refresh the engraving experience of consumer and professional level, It has opened a new era of global "man machine integration" sculpture.

Reshape people's mode of production

Carving will bring innovative and reliable products to users, and quickly enter into hardware tools, home building materials, personalized customization, clothing and apparel Infrastructure engineering, frontier application and other fields provide efficient, safe and intelligent tools for all walks of life.

Cultivate the scientific and technological innovation power of the society

Carving will continue to plough deep into the field of engraving machine, and is committed to cultivating interdisciplinary scientific research talents for the society. Diao will launch educational robot products, It is sought after by science and technology lovers all over the world, and has close cooperation with many schools and research institutions at home and abroad. Build a set of intelligent system It is an interactive laser engraving machine composed of system and machine. We are working with the whole society to expand new boundaries and achieve a new generation of technical talents.

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